Janiah Rorie is currently a member of the box office staff at a/perture cinema and a local student at Winston-Salem State University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in African & African American Studies with a minor in Art. She is an aspiring curator with passions including all things related to visual and performing arts, literature, history, and cultural preservation.

Brandon Yunker is a fourth-year screenwriting student at UNCSA. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, he loves the way that cinema provides a way for us to think, discuss and build a sense of community.

Ronan Moore is an aspiring film professional and current UNCSA filmmaking undergrad. He is a passionate film enthusiast and loves everything about movie making and movie watching. One of my favorite things to do is to recommend films to my friends and people who reach out to me looking for good movies to watch.

Past contributors


Nicholas Leon has been a lover of film since he was young, and now that he’s older, he has grown to appreciate the finer details of the medium. His other passions include prose, poetry, and video games, all of which he views as intertwined with film in some way or another.


Quentin Norris is a graduate of the UNCSA School of Filmmaking where he studied direction and screenwriting.  He directs music videos and short films with his brother in Austin, TX. He also performs sketch comedy and writes short fiction and essays on film. And years ago, before relocating to Austin, he did a stint as a projectionist at a/perture.


Amanda Clark says movies and food are two of her biggest passions. For her New Year’s resolution in 2012, she decided to start a blog, reviewing “Cuisine and Screen.” She loves an artsy independent film as much as a summer blockbuster, and “Award Show Season” is her favorite time of year (don’t try calling her on the night of the Golden Globes, SAGs or the Oscars.) She misses strolling the aisles of video stores (RIP) and finding gems she missed at the theatres, hidden among thousands of DVDs. She is excited to write about new movies for f/stop!

Alex Abrams

Alex Abrams spent more than 15 years as an award-winning sports reporter, columnist and editor for major newspapers in Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma. He covered such events as Super Bowl XXXIX and the Daytona 500, and he appears as an extra in the film “Road Trip” (2000). He now writes and does marketing for higher education.

nick luciano

Nick Luciano received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Catawba College and a Master’s in Music Theory from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. You might think that these are weird credentials for a film critic, but he has more interests than he could ever have time for. Needless to say, he knows his Tchaikovsky from his Tarkovsky.


Lauren Davidson is a copywriter by day and a freelance writer and editor the rest of the time. Her favorite movies that she’s seen at a/perture are Call Me By Your Name, followed by Blue Jasmine, and her least favorite movie of all time is mother! 


Chris Stephens has been writing for and about film since early high school. In pursuit of this passion, he came to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he is currently in his fourth year. He studies film, specifically screenwriting, and he’s written a variety of short films, feature length scripts, essays, and literary pieces. He will be graduating in May 2019.