image1Nicholas Leon has been a lover of film since he was young, and now that he’s older, he has grown to appreciate the finer details of the medium. His other passions include prose, poetry, and video games, all of which he views as intertwined with film in some way or another.

Chris Stephens has been writing for and about film since early high school. In pursuit of this passion, he came to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, b09a0883where he is currently in his fourth year. He studies film, specifically screenwriting, and he’s written a variety of short films, feature length scripts, essays, and literary pieces. He will be graduating in May 2019.



Past contributors


Lauren Davidson is a copywriter by day and a freelance writer and editor the rest of the time. Her favorite movies that she’s seen at a/perture are Call Me By Your Name, followed by Blue Jasmine, and her least favorite movie of all time is mother!